Social Media and the creation of a good first impression online

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday morning, this week I want to talk a little bit about the still struggling global economy; with unemployment in the US still sitting above 7.5% finding and keep a job is major concern. For job seekers looking to land that next big opportunity effective promotion on social media gives you the perfect chance to create a great first impression as the first place most hiring managers will turn to when evaluating candidates is online.


One of the first places recruiters look when screening is on, which for those of you that haven’t heard of it before is, one of the largest professional networking sites online. So it’s vitally important that your profile be as complete and up to date as possible because this is an opportunity to showcase your personal & professional strengths in a much more meaningful way than a simple resume and cover letter ever could. Now don’t misunderstand me, the resume and cover letter are still important, but in today’s extremely competitive job market you need to be taking advantage of every possible way to make you and your skills stand out from the rest of the hundreds of applicants recruiters will be looking at on a daily basis.


Just as important to securing a job in today’s job market is preventing any potentially negative information or photos of yourself from appearing when an employer conducts a search on your name. There have been numerous cases over the last five years of employers dismissing staff over inappropriate or offensive comments or photos that appeared on their personal Facebook profiles. The key to avoiding problems with inappropriate photos and comments is certainly a delicate matter; and as the lines between people’s personal and professional lives tend to get increasingly blurred online, it’s important to remember that once it’s online it tends to stay online forever. So with that in mind you’ll need to cull any truly embarrassing photos of yourself and for the rest, alter your privacy settings so that only direct friends can see them. An even more secure method is to create an entirely new profile with all your personal comments and photos using an alias, which will separate your professional persona from your private life to a certain degree.

Google +

Now Google+ is Google’s response to the massive uptake seen Facebook usage in the last few years. It has yet to see the kind of public uptake seen on Facebook however, I mention it here because Google+ integrates with all of Google’s other online services, meaning that if you have one, your Google+ profile will be the very first search result employers see from a google search. As with everything that shows up about yourself online the thing to remember when conducting a job search that all the content that’s out there reflect all the things are best about you.

Managed effectively a great social media presence can open up all sorts of opportunities for you that probably didn’t even exist just a few years ago.