Race to the finish line

Well everyone things are really heating up now in the wonderful world of Web Development. With about a week and a half left to go until the end of the semester on December 14th, I find myself in the same position as College students all over this time of year, the mad scramble to the finish line and winter break!  The past week has been all about getting the finishing touches done on the last assignments and projects of the semester.  So to say there’s been a lot things going back and forth recently is a tremendous understatement.

With so much stuff going on, assignments that need to be submitted, code to be written and tested, presentations to prepare for, it’s been really hard to calm down for a while and take a look back at all the material that’s been covered since the start of the semester.  Sitting down and thinking about how far my web development skills have come, in the last 3 months, it’s really a heck of a long way.  In that time I’ve gone from knowing only a very basic amount of html & css to learning about SQL databases and MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, in addition to ASP.Net with C#.

Just looking back at assignments and personal projects from as recently as July, to now, the improvement in presentation, functionality and implementation has been nothing short of incredible.  So as I launch myself into my last round of projects and studying for exam keeping a bit of perspective on where I’ve come from and how my development skills have improved will be one of the key thoughts I keep in the back of my mind as the challenges of the next 2 weeks unfold.  As I lose sleep to remembering how PL/SQL stored procedures work and how to make a page draw content from a database in ASP.Net I just need to keep telling myself that all pain and frustration right now will be worth it, because at the end of day what it all comes down it is making well-functioning, good looking websites that a pleasure for users that visit them.

That’s all for this week, the ASP.Net project isn’t going to code itself!

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