Race to the finish line

Well everyone things are really heating up now in the wonderful world of Web Development. With about a week and a half left to go until the end of the semester on December 14th, I find myself in the same position as College students all over this time of year, the mad scramble to the finish line and winter break!  The past week has been all about getting the finishing touches done on the last assignments and projects of the semester.  So to say there’s been a lot things going back and forth recently is a tremendous understatement.

With so much stuff going on, assignments that need to be submitted, code to be written and tested, presentations to prepare for, it’s been really hard to calm down for a while and take a look back at all the material that’s been covered since the start of the semester.  Sitting down and thinking about how far my web development skills have come, in the last 3 months, it’s really a heck of a long way.  In that time I’ve gone from knowing only a very basic amount of html & css to learning about SQL databases and MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, in addition to ASP.Net with C#.

Just looking back at assignments and personal projects from as recently as July, to now, the improvement in presentation, functionality and implementation has been nothing short of incredible.  So as I launch myself into my last round of projects and studying for exam keeping a bit of perspective on where I’ve come from and how my development skills have improved will be one of the key thoughts I keep in the back of my mind as the challenges of the next 2 weeks unfold.  As I lose sleep to remembering how PL/SQL stored procedures work and how to make a page draw content from a database in ASP.Net I just need to keep telling myself that all pain and frustration right now will be worth it, because at the end of day what it all comes down it is making well-functioning, good looking websites that a pleasure for users that visit them.

That’s all for this week, the ASP.Net project isn’t going to code itself!

So When your deal with tech support

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry if this blog post is a little bit late coming this week.  I’ve spent the last few days dealing with some technical issues on the blog that have prevented me from being able to add new posts.  Let me just say the experience was not a very pleasant one.  That got me thinking about technical support, “Why is it often so frustrating to deal with?”  When I first realized I was encountering issues with my blog site in the middle of last week I didn’t really think it was all that serious.  First, here is a little backstory on where things started going downhill for me.  What I’ve been trying to do is recover my password so I can login to the admin section of the blog and keep the posts coming out.  However, attempting to send myself a password reset email results in a server error 500 message, which seems to be internet’s equivalent of the old “blue screen of death” which computers used to display before they would spontaneously catch fire.  I’m just kidding about the fire of course unless you were really unlucky.

What followed next was about 30 minutes in a live chat session with a tech support representative from the hosting company I use.  The net result of that conversation was that I would need to submit an additional help ticket to their support department.  Now where I think a lot of people get frustrated at support staff right here in the process.  It’s taken half an hour to tell me essentially the person I’ve been chatting with isn’t in a position to help me, and I’ve now essentially got to start again this time playing what amounts to emails’ version of telephone tag.  Now at this point things have started to get a little annoying, but still hopeful for a quick resolution I sent off a support ticket detailing the issue.


The following morning I received a reply (which isn’t bad considering this was now Saturday) the trouble was that the person responding clearly either hadn’t read or understood that all I was trying to do was send a reset password request to my email address.  I can only assume that my support ticket was directed to this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp-uKlhXvmo  Needless to say by now I was frustrated, if I’d had a mirror handy I probably would have looked like this fellow:

So for now the struggle continues to find genuine answers and get back into the blogging saddle proper.  If you’re reading this on my blog you can take some comfort in the fact that some way, somehow I was able to get things working again.

*Update*  Just got everything back up and running Happy Days are here again!!